Year 7 to Year 9

Gye Nyame science week

As students move to the Secondary stage of their education, the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum is used.  Like the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, Secondary 1 maintains a strong focus on the three core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, and provides a clear teaching structure for teachers to follow.  The English programme, which develops first language competency through the study of comprehension, grammar and writing, is designed to be used in any culture and promotes cross cultural understanding. 

The Mathematics programme covers the six areas of:

The Science programme covers four content areas:   

Checking Santas list

In all core subjects, progress is measured through the Cambridge Progression Tests and Cambridge Checkpoint   at the end of Year 9, which compares each student’s performance to other students around the world. 

Other curriculum areas, such as History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and ICT are studied through the Milepost 3 units of the International Primary Curriculum, although these units are adapted so that they create the relevant challenge for our older students.  PE, Music, French and Ghanaian Culture are studied as discrete subjects as part of our curriculum and lessons are delivered by local staff.

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