Admissions Policy

The International School of Ahafo is a day school and is open to all  Newmont Goldcorp Ghana Ahafo families living on the MKV compound and children of full-time teachers at ISA.  It is non-selective and welcomes all children who are able to access its curriculum and whose needs can be met with the resources available. Students moving to the area are accepted throughout the year, although entry at the beginning of terms is encouraged, where possible. 

Admission Amanda

Nubuke and Tersia

Children will always be placed in the correct class for their age unless there are extremely compelling academic or social reasons for doing otherwise, in which case parents will be invited to discuss the situation and must provide medical/psychological reports to support any request to put their child out of place.  Please note that lack of fluency in English is not regarded at ISA as a compelling academic reason for placing a child in a younger class.  Children learn powerfully from their friends and will do so more effectively through daily interaction with children their own age.

Our year placement is based on many years of experience, the need to ensure the quality and consistency of our academic programmes, and the ultimate aim to place students in the most appropriate year for both their academic and social development. We believe students should be with children of a similar age, tackling tasks with the appropriate intellectual challenge. Please visit for the Admission Procedure