School Uniform and Dress Code

 At ISA, we have a strict dress code, which puts the focus on academics, not fashion. A school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and sets an appropriate tone and appearance. We want the wearing of our school uniform to instill a sense of pride, support positive behaviour and discipline and encourage a sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, the wearing of the ISA uniform ensures equality for students of all races and backgrounds. Hence, students’ personal appearance should therefore reflect respect for themselves, their school and the community. 

Our school uniform policy, rules and expectations have been designed to be simple, fair and reasonable to parents and care givers, students and staff alike. Our school uniform supports effective teaching and learning. It is practical, smart and has been designed with value for money and health and safety in mind.  All students are required to wear the necessary school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours, unless special permission is granted. School uniforms are available for purchase from the School Office and the prescribed dress code for each age group is in the table below:

Age Group Uniform
Reception, Y1,Y2  Short sleeved-shirt (in UN blue) with the school’s logo on the pocket shorts in navy blue with side pockets and belt loops
Year 3 – 9   Boys Short sleeved-shirt (in UN blue) with the school’s logo on the pocket shorts in navy blue with side pockets and belt loops
Year 3 – 9   Girls Short sleeved-shirt (in UN blue) with the school’s logo on the pocket skirt in navy blue
PE – All Royal blue school polo shirts sold at the School Office, preferably with black shorts

Please note that except for Fridays and PE/Swimming designated periods, full school uniforms must be worn at all times during the school day, including breaks and lunchtimes. No writing on school uniform or school-approved apparel will be permitted except embroidery or iron-on labels of children’s name for ease of identification

School uniforms new


Good grooming of hair, skin and finger nails is expected at all times. Hair should be neat and tidy and of a natural colour.  For boys, hair must be kept short and neatly trimmed. Extreme styles and colours are not acceptable. Long hair must be tied back if requested by a teacher.


Shoes must be plain black, close-toed and with no heel. They must be practical, completely attached to the feet with a sturdy sole for health and safety reasons and be worn with a pair of white ankle-length socks. Shoe laces must be fastened at all times. Slippers, flip flops or Crocs are not allowed (unless for wearing with swimming clothes.)

 Jewellery and Make-up

Girls with pierced ears may wear one stud in each ear and a wristwatch but no other jewellery is acceptable e.g. no hanging or loop earrings or other piercings are permitted. No earrings are permitted for boys, or nose rings or other visible body piercing of any sort for either sex. Similarly, make-up, including nail polish, acrylic and false nails are not permitted.

 Hats/ Headgear

Students are encouraged to wear hats and caps while participating in activities outdoors due to health concerns of prolonged or excessive exposure to  direct ultraviolet radiation of sunlight. Nevertheless, slogans, images and designs must be discreet. Hats are not permitted indoors at any time.

Swim Wear

Appropriate swim wear, along with a towel and goggles, is required for swimming lessons. Uniform shirts must be tucked in at the waist and girls’ skirts must be of a modest length. Parents are encouraged to clearly mark all items of clothing with their child’s name.

Friday Wear 

In line with the school’s respect for local traditions, children wear African prints (as shown in the photo below) on Fridays. The fabric is available for sale from the school office and can be sewn into school-appropriate styles. 


 Meeting the Dress Code - The Role of Parents

We ask all parents and care givers who send their children to our school for their support of the school uniform/ dress code policy. We believe that parents have a duty to send their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their daily schoolwork. We look for and welcome full parental support in this regard and request that all items of school uniform are clean, presentable and in good state of repair for the start of the school day. Parents should ensure that their child’s name is written on all items of clothing as children can become upset as a result of lost clothing. In the unlikely event that a parent has difficulties fulfilling this request, he/she is asked to request a meeting with the Principal to discuss the matter.  Any student wishing to wear clothing/ footwear other than that described above ,for medical reasons, must provide a medical professional’s letter explaining the reason why and for how long the requested clothing or footwear change will apply. We regret that a letter from parents and caregivers is not acceptable under any circumstances.

 Meeting the Dress Code - The Role of Staff

All staff are expected to and have been instructed to enforce, reinforce the school uniform policy and ensure compliance at all times during the school day whilst students are on school grounds or premises. They are also able to help with finding spare uniform for children who need to borrow items and helping parents locate lost and named items, where possible.