Sankofa Marvellous Materials Exhibition

Date: 12 Jan 2018 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

As part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) exit point for the topic “What Is it Made Of?”, Sankofa set up a “Marvellous Materials” exhibition in class on Thursday, 14th December, 2017 to which parents, friends of Sankofa and the whole school community were duly invited. Each child played an active role in this exhibition, conducted some research at home and created crafts out of junk materials. 

Marvellous Materials

The children explained how their models were made, demonstrated how they work and engaged meaningfully with the audience. It was delightful to see the creative crafts that had been made out of recycled junk, mainly toilet paper rolls, card boxes and empty plastic bottles. There was a speaker, a camera, a pencil holder, a pencil case, a Christmas tree and a train.The highlight of the exhibition was a giant robot made by the whole class and a symbol of the power of team work and cooperative learning. The robot has since been moved to the School office where it is towering over us all. Sankofa loves your junk so do watch out for future inventors!

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