Is ISA only open to Newmont employees in Ahafo?

Newmont is now extending access to the school to dependents of Newmont Ghana employees who meet the eligibility criteria.  This means that Accra and Akyem employees are eligible to apply for admission for their children if they have their own accommodation and transportation arrangements near the school. There are very limited spaces available for children living outside MKV.


Will the Early Years be opened to non-MKV residents?

No. The Early Years is restricted to MKV residents.


How will ISA expansion be managed?

The expansion will be in phases; enrolment will increase gradually up to approximately 100 students.


Does the School have a COVID-19 Management Plan?

Yes, it will be shared with parents when necessary. 


Will the school charge any fees?

ISA does not currently charge tuition fees. Parents will be expected to pay for school uniforms, PE and swimming wear, field trips, among others.(See ISA Prospectus for more information.)


Will employees whose children are admitted into ISA be eligible for the Newmont Educational Subsidy?



Will the school provide transportation?

The school provides transportation only to children in and around Kenyase, Ntotroso and Hwidiem. The school’s vans and the school drivers are used. All employees who live outside these areas will have to make private arrangements for transportation.


Does the school provide lunch?

The School provides standardized lunch for students and staff, in line with its value of inclusion. Children are welcome to bring their own snack but lunch is mandatory. The School has a Canteen on site.


Is there a Sick Bay?

Yes. More information on the management of sick children is provided in the Parent Handbook as part of the admission package.


What other provisions have been made for health and safety?

Our staff have received training in First Aid and there is a rigorous procedure for addressing the school’s health needs. The school liaises with Newmont ERT on all emergencies. Fire drills take place on a regular basis.


What curricula does ISA teach?

ISA teaches the Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 curricula.


Is ISA accredited?

ISA is an accredited Cambridge school. We are also a member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). The school is aiming to secure CIS accreditation in the next few years.


How is the curriculum enriched?

Our curriculum is enriched by PE, Swimming, Art, Ghanaian Language and Culture, Music, French, African Drumming and Dance.


Does the school run extra-curricular activities?

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities which reflect the interests of the children. Some of the activities on offer are computing and coding, cooking, football training, gardening, board games, arts and crafts, dance, music, Scouts and knitting. The extracurricular activities are offered to Year 1 and above and take place in the normal school day.


Does the school provide opportunities for community service?

A commitment to service is part of the ethos of the school. Community service enriches the curricula. We encourage students to use their voice for the greater good.


How does your curriculum compare with GES?

Regardless of the curriculum, all primary school children all over the world need to build the same skills-sets for reading, comprehension, arithmetic, science etc. An international school has an added advantage of providing your child with a solid foundation to thrive in any educational system.


How do I manage the transition beyond ISA?

Beyond ISA, there are two main pathways to Secondary School, depending on the choice of school system the parent decides, for the child to pursue.

Option 1 - After Year 9, students can apply to any international school in Ghana or beyond. These schools offer one or more of the following programmes:

    i.     International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Years 10 – 11
  ii.     General Certificate of Education (GCE) for Grades 10 - 12
 iii.     IB Programmes for Years 10 – 13 /Form 4 to 6th Form/ Grade 9-12

(see the end of the School Brochure for a list of some international schools in Ghana).

Option 2 

As part of the new education reforms outlined by the Ghana Education Service (GES), Ministry of Education, and the National Council for Curriculum Assessment, BECE will soon be phased out; the last cohort of students to sit BECE are currently in JHS 3.  BECE will be replaced with a placement examination at JHS 3 to enrol students into SHS 1. All students in JHS 1 to SHS 1 will run a common core programme for a year, write a Common Core exam before they proceed to SHS 2 to choose their elective subjects. A new examination known as the National Standard Assessment Test shall be conducted at Primary 2, 4, 6 and JHS 2.