Parent Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

PTFA smallDeveloping a partnership with parents is not only extremely important to us, we believe it is also beneficial to student learning. Open and on-going communication with parents is one of our top priorities, and there are many opportunities for parents to be involved at our school - and in their child’s learning.

ISA has a parents’ group known as the PTFA (Parent, Teachers and Friends Association). The group meets regularly and works with the school to support school activities and social events, such as Red Nose Day, International Week, Sports Day, etc.  They also help to raise funds for any special ‘extras’ that could enhance the lives of all our students e.g. playground equipment and outside toys.


Whether helping us to plan major events like plays, concerts and performances, assisting teachers in the classroom, sewing costumes or helping to build scenery or props, volunteering can make a very real difference to the school and to the students' overall experiences at our school.  It also provides another avenue for parents to make a connection with their children’s learning environment.