2018 Book Week

Date: 22 Nov 2018 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

 “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or a duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift” - Kate DiCamillo, children's fiction author

I think I speak for the school community when I say we very much look forward to Book Week so we can simply celebrate books, the pleasure of reading and nurture a lifelong love for books and reading. The event has gone from strength-to-strength and has become one of the most well attended in the year. From 15th to 19th October 2018, each class went off-curriculum and spent all week on their books of choice. We began our week by decorating and transforming our themed classroom doors into breath-taking book covers.

Door decorations 2018

Sankofa chose From Head to Toe written and illustrated by Eric Carle, Nkyinkyim chose Hamish and the Gravity Burb written by Danny Wallace and illustrated by Jamie Littler, Gye Nyame chose Pirateology by Captain William Lubber and Nyansapo chose The Giver by Lois Lowry.

For the rest of the day, from Monday to Thursday, classes busied themselves with activities; from creating costumes and accessories to all manner of props for the Book Week Assembly. Sankofa filled up the time by watching videos, practicing songs, reading stories and learning how to draw a dog for the book cover competition. In Art they did a collage of some of the characters in the book and played Head to Toe board games. There was also Buddy reading with Gye Nyame after lunch.

class activites collage
Gye Nyame explored the world of pirates in its entirety; they drew Jolly Rogers, designed their own skull and crossbones, hunted on the internet for interesting Pirate Treasure maps and drew pirates in all forms. They had much fun and hilarity as they learnt two pirate poems and the words for our Pirate skit. Nyansapo created a sketch based on their selected book and found interesting ways for their parents to partake in the Book Assembly.
Buddy reading collage
On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, the Student Council and the senior class visited the Methodist Junior High School in Kenyase and the Noble Family School to spread the love of reading and books.
Reading with Meth and Noble

At Story Time, the focus was on encouraging children to expand their reading horizons and to appreciate a good story. After line-up each morning, the school community headed to the Library, sat back and enjoyed fascinating stories such as:

story time collage 2
Story Tables are a rich literacy space for extending children’s ability to represent ideas and objects.Throughout the week, there was a Story Table in front of the library which featured representational props from different stories for children to guess the stories they came from. There was Humpty Dumpty,  an umbrella from Mary Poppins, a pair of mittens from the rhyme “Three Little Kittens”, The Three Little Pigs, among others.

Story table
Standout cover design is an integral part of he success of a book and one of the highlights of the week was the Book Cover competition on the theme” The Dog who Lived on the Moon”. The competition was open to all children in the school albeit with different layers of expectations; Sankofa had to draw the front cover, Nkyinkyim had to the front and back cover and a bit of a blurb depending on their ability; Gye Nyame and Nyansapo went the extra mile, to do the front, back, spine and blurb.  Older children were also given the opportunity to make up their 'nom de plume' but no real names were allowed on any work as they would be judged anonymously by staff. The quality of this year’s book cover submissions were unmatched and very inspiring and it was quite difficult picking a favourite. At the end of the competition, the winning covers were from Florence Ama Frimpong (Sankofa) and Agustina Loreto Valenzuela (Nyansapo).

2018 book covers
To prove to the children that teachers read too, there was a “Guess the Teacher’s Favourite Book“ competition in which students were given some clues and asked to guess which teacher loves which book - The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver,  The Gods Are Not to Blame by Ola Rotimi, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson, Oh the Places you will Go by Dr. Seuss,  RAKA by NP Van  Wyk Louw, Roots by Alex Harlley,  The Strange Man by Amu Djoleto, Not Bad for a Bad Lad by Michael Morpurgo.

Book Week intro
All activities for the week culminated in a Book Week Assembly to which the community was invited. By 8.30am on Friday, 19th October 2018, the library was teeming with parents, friends of the school and guests from the Noble Family School. The children were unrecognisable in their costumes; Sankofa brought the jungle to school, Nkyinkyim were townsfolk of Starkley, Gye Nyame were the dreadful "Pirates of the Caribbean” and Nyansapo was divided between sameness or difference.

Sankofa BW assembly

The assembly  began with story time; the Principal read Imaginary Fred (written by Eoin Coffer and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers) to the enjoyment of the audience. This was followed by class performances. Sankofa performed the song rendition of their book, Head to Toe, they repeated moves in the book and came up with their own such as hopping on one leg, jumped with arms outstretched, bounced and catch balls etc. 

Nkyinkyim BW assembly
Nkyinkyim enacted Chapter two of the Hamish and the Gravity Burp by Danny Wallace and performed a sketch of the scene where the community had to meet in a School Hall to talk about their unusual experiences concerning everything being anti-gravity. A terrifying noise is rumbling through the sleepy town of Starkley and having a peculiar effect on the residents. Gravity has gone into reverse and the poor townsfolk are floating skyward, helplessly trying to grab onto whatever they can in order to slow their ascent. They also sang the Gravity song by The Zorbits.
Gye Nyame BW assembly
Gye Nyame presentation at the Assembly contained many interesting Pirate facts and the students enjoyed acting like intoxicated pirates after drinking too much grog, before they performed their song, “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Pirate?”. Their poems were delivered with expression and gusto.
Nyansapo BW assembly

Nyansapo’s production was based on "The Giver", a morally driven and interesting story about a young boy called Jonas who lives in a society devoid of crime and sadness. They challenged the audience to choose between living in a place of “sameness and difference’ after which they assigned their parents a variety of intriguing jobs from Day Care Operator, Donald Trump’s Personal Assistant, First woman on Mars, Birth Mother and Seamstress. They finished off by singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Thank You Parents

Our Book Week is getting even more enjoysble each year and we could not have chalked the successes without the incredible support of staff, parents and friends of the school. Mrs. Ruth Kintzel deserves special mention for most of the pirate costumes and Ms. Amy for the face painting. Well done to all the children for such a wonderful effort! Until we come your way with another wonderful book week, keep celebrating books throughout the year.


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