Careers Day 2020

Date: 17 Apr 2020 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

We have built on the success of our maiden Careers Day and this year’s event which was held from 23rd to 24th January, was filled with varied and fascinating activities. In addition to the routine visit to the mine, Careers Day focused on the Medical Sciences as a viable career choice for children to consider.

Careers Day Walk

On the first day, students from Year 7 and Year 8 spent a few hours at the ISOS Clinic of the Newmont Ahafo Plant Site to observe the different areas that are covered and to learn about the precautions required whilst taking blood, how the x-ray machine works, the importance of the routine blood pressure, temperature, body mass etc. tests done before seeing the doctor. There were so many interesting facts for them to learn and instruments to observe in use.


Later that day, our younger students (ages 6 to 10) enjoyed the excitement of a visit from Dr. Dominic Malinga, a Paramedic from the ISOS Clinic. This session also served as a way to lessen children’s fear of the ambulance and emergency medical care. The Paramedic came with an ambulance to explain his profession, qualification, training and licensing.  He showed the children some lifesaving equipment and demonstrated how to rescue and revive an unconscious casualty in a medical emergency.  The children also got to see the inside of the ambulance and to sit on the chair. It was a wonderful learning and life experience!

Careers Day Ambulance

On Friday, 24th January, a group of nineteen paid a working visit to the Plant Site under the auspices of the Newmont Communications Department. The group arrived at 8.30am and the day began with an induction.  Due to the age of the children, there were certain restrictions with the high risk areas of the mine but we got to experience a drive-through. The first stop was at the Processing Plant where the children interacted with a Metallurgist who gave a brilliant presentation on mineral processing, the art of treating crude ore in order to separate gold from the waste rock.

Careers Day Processing Plant

From there, the group were met by a Mining Engineer who led another drive through the Subika and Awonsu open pit mines, as well as the Tailings Dam. The group learnt about the open-pits in operation, the use of beams to stabilise open-pits, drilling and blasting as initial stages of mining, environmental sustainability practices etc. At Awonsu, the children saw a rig and a drill in operation.

Careers Day Pit

There was also a pleasant surprise visit to the Learning and Development Department where the children witnessed an Electrical training class in session. They also visited the Dump Truck and LV Simulator Training Room and were apprised of the requirements for securing a Newmont driver’s license.

Careers Day Simulator Room

We are indebted to staff, parents and friends of ISA who made Careers Day a roaring success. Mr. Samuel Osei, Ag. Manager, Communications & External Relations and Mr. Neville Price, Apensu Underground Mine Manager, deserve special mention for their unfailing support for the school. We could not have done it without you!

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