D&T Cupcake Project

Date: 19 Nov 2018 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

We are improving our offerings in every possible way and with the help of Mr. Jansen van Rensburg, a spouse of one of our teachers and a volunteer Design and Technology teacher, the children have enjoyed combining practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. 

Cupcake 1

Our Gye Nyame (Year 5 & 6) spent five long weeks working on a D&T Cupcake Project. Cupcakes can turn any situation into something very special, but when packaged in eye-catching and adorable boxes, it takes this humble treat to a whole new level. To this end, the children were tasked to design and create the perfect cupcake boxes out of paper. They had to come up with thrifty and crafty ideas using 2D technology to research, design print, cut, decorate and assemble dainty little cupcake boxes based on their client’s peculiar needs. There were prototypes, interviews and more interviews with clients but the children did not relent in their efforts until the final product emerged.

Cupcake 2

As a further step, they had to bake and decorate cupcakes to go with the boxes. With the support of Mrs. Santi Mulawarman, who opened the doors of her kitchen to the children, they baked peppermint, lemon zest, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with American buttercream, French, Italian and Swiss Meringue icing recipes using Russian Piping techniques. The children did not only make cupcakes for their clients but enough sweet treats to share with the whole school at Friday morning assembly and to show off their final products. It was delightful to see what delectable cupcake gifts the children had come up with; they were indeed a perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

Santi and Mr. Mossie 

Special thank you to Mr. Jacobus Jansen van Rensburg and Mrs. Santi Mulawarman for their unflinching support for the school. Well done to Gye Nyame for their determination, perseverance and hardwork. Cupcake anyone?




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