Meet the Board and Staff

Date: 04 Nov 2022 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

As part of efforts to manage the ongoing transition at the International School of Ahafo and to strengthen the home-school partnership, a meet the  Staff and Board event was organized on  Saturday, 8th October 2022 at the school premises. 

Meeting 2

Everyone was overjoyed to reconnect face-to-face with members of the school community for the first time in years as COVID had not made this possible earlier. From 9.00am, children showed their parents and guardians around the school. This was followed by class presentations about the curriculum, routines, and expectations.

Classroom rounds 3

The climax of the day was the meeting which was held at the Forecourt at 10.00am. Staff members and the school board introduced themselves. We are confident that we have a great team, and we will continue to provide a high quality education to all our students.

Meeting 1 

We finished off with a cultural performance and a  picnic brunch in the grassy courtyard.

cultural dance

Thank you to all who made this day a success. It will certainly be an annual event on our school calendar.

Picnic meet the board

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