Red Nose Day 2019

Date: 04 Apr 2019 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

Red Nose Day is a British national fundraising campaign to end child poverty.  It is the day, every two years, when people get together and do something funny at home, school and work to raise funds for this worthy cause. At ISA, we have adopted Red Nose Day as a major fundraising activity in support of our community service projects.

RND Parade

By 8.00am that morning, the forecourt was an unblemished sea of red clothes as children went red in solidarity with the less-fortunate. Unlike the previous one where we were all teary-eyed from watching sad videos, this year’s assembly took a different twist. Children were put in groups and they had to act out sketches based on the key words for this year: Empathy. Compassion. Disadvantage.  Resilience.

Red Nose Day Assembly

 This was followed by cooperation games on the playground; children had to cross the field on chairs without falling into the seemingly shark-infested river. It took patience and focus but in the end, all the children, including our youngest, managed to get to the other side with the generous support of teachers.

Outdoor games

We had more games and funs in the library; games included ‘One sit down’, ‘Fruit salad’, ‘Zip, zap’, ‘Wink murder’, ‘red light, green light’, blind man’s bluff, guiding partners onto world map, using bean bags – ‘over under’, ‘Ladder ball’ – sitting down and using legs to move a soft ball and hoola hoop games.

RND Indoor games

The highlight of the day was the red-themed picnic lunch, from 12.00 to 1.00pm to which parents were invited. It was lovely to see parents, staff and students gathered at the Forecourt on picnic mats and blankets and enjoying red delicacies from all the nationalities represented at the school; there was enough to eat and drink. Mums entered into the spirit of the day and joined us in wearing red clothes during the red, and very creative, picnic.  After lunch, we all winded down in the library to watch a movie, Monsters Inc.

Red Nose Day Picnic

Red Nose Day is getting better over time and the children are becoming conscious of their-not-so fortunate colleagues and recognizing the need to do their best to stem the time of child poverty in Ghana.

RND Picnic parents

We wish to thank everyone for your super support for Red Nose Day.  We had a wonderfully fun-filled day and raised a princely sum of GHC 277.55. We are particularly appreciative of the efforts made by parents to send their children to school in something red and for joining us for the picnic. The Student Council members deserve special thanks for their organizational skills and hearts for children in need.

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