Review of Guiding Statements

Date: 23 Jan 2023 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

In assembly time on 20th January 2023, students looked at the school’s Guiding Statements, the Vision, Mission and Core Values, and considered how effectively these are implemented in the school. These Guiding Statements were written before the school expanded and the students were asked to think about whether they are still relevant to our current school.

Year 1 hands up


Year 2 Pep

Desmond Y3

Louis 3 and 4

Hamza Y5 Princess michelle

Sarah and Abena

It was pleasing to see how seriously the students took on this task. Their feedback is valuable and will be collated and considered as we review our Guiding Statements. This will also be discussed with parents at an upcoming PTFA meeting. During this year, we are hoping to create a school song and school motto, with input from the students and staff.