Sankofa Trip to Kenyasi Market

Date: 28 Oct 2019 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

As part of the IPC unit on “We Are What We Eat”, the Sankofa class visited the Kenyasi market on Thursday 10th October. The purpose of this trip was for the children to investigate what food can be found in the market, how food is distributed and to learn about whole food in general, whilst honing their 'working with money' skills.

Market 1

The children were dressed in PE kits and sun hats and were accompanied by their class teacher, Mr. Alan Macdonald, their Teaching Assistant, Ms. Esther Hagan and a parent, Mrs. Catalina Price.  For a complete market experience, the children bought some fruit which were used in observational drawings and later for a fruit salad. Parents were asked to give children GHS 10.00 to experience selling and buying and to reinforce numeracy learning with the calculation of change.

Market 3

We hope that this extra-curricular experience will make learning stimulating and memorable for the children. We wish to express our appreciation to everyone who made this trip possible.

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