Sports Day

Date: 06 Jan 2023 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

On Tuesday, 6th December 2022, we had a fabulous Sports Day and Swimming Competition.  We started the day with 5 teams each creating their own unique march to parade around the courtyard. These were very impressive indeed and really ignited the team spirit!  Each team has children from Nursery to Year 9 and staff, including our caretakers and management. It is always quite endearing to see how caring and responsible the older students are with the younger ones.

 Sports Day teams final

Mr. Alofah then led a whole school warm-up exercise routine which was a lot of fun! The teams then competed in a number of different races in various forms - pouring a cup of water over the head into the cup of the person behind you - blindfolded, running races with cups of water, three legged races, and Tugs of Peace.  

Sports Day aerobics 

At lunch time, the students were given a real treat - freshly made popcorn!  

 Sports Day miscellaneous

In the afternoon, we all went down to the pool and everyone from Reception to Year 9 participated in swimming races.  

 Sports Day swimming

It was wonderful to see how confident the children are in the water and it was also impressive to see how far the students have come with their swimming.