Staff First Aid Training

Date: 15 Apr 2020 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei

One of the top priorities of parents, staff and school administration is ensuring that children are safe, whether at home or at school. Many accidents ranging from minor scrapes and wounds, to fractures occur at school and there are other health problems that require swift initial medical assistance.

First Aid Training 1

Due to developmental, physical and behavioural characteristics, children are more vulnerable to emergency situations and are more susceptible to injuries. Children spend most of their day at school and are liable to suffer accidental injuries due to all manner of activities. Staff happen to be the adults who witness these accidents and there are several instances where they may need to administer first aid on a student. First Aid training promotes a safer and healthier environment by empowering staff with the skills and confidence needed to safely respond to an emergency situation or accident.

First Aid Training 2

Hence, a total of fifteen (15) members of staff of the International School of Ahafo underwent formal Basic First Aid training from the 9th and 10th of January, 2020. The training was held in the ISA Library and was facilitated by Mr. Seth Kwadwo Owusu, Senior Regional HSE/First Aid Trainer, Learning & Development.

First Aid Training 3

The course included carefully selected first aid modules on how to deal with a wide variety of first aid situations; reviving unconscious casualties, administering CPR, using the AED, managing fainting, allergic reactions, burns management, among others.

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