Student Council 2023/2024

Date: 11 Mar 2023 // By: Rita Dzide-Tei
This week’s assembly was dedicated to the Student Council. Our new Student Council was inaugurated and then they 
had their first meeting. They have begun planning Student Council events for the next few months.

New student council

Standing Left to Right: Tracy (Yr 3 Rep), Sarah (Yr 9 Rep), Masouda (Yr 4 Rep), Audrey (Treasurer), Nshira (President), Edna (Yr 8 Rep), Nubuke (Vice President), Kafui (Secretary) , Nana (Yr 7 Rep) Seated Left to Right: Jaiden (Yr 2 Rep), Kwabena (Yr 1 Rep), Bobie (Yr 5 Rep),Eugene A (Yr 6 Rep)

We also took the opportunity to thank our previous Student Council for their many contributions during the past year. 
They were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. Thank you to Nana Akosua (President), Opoku Nhyira 
(Secretary), Nshira (Treasurer) and class representatives: Alfreda Fafa, Eunice, Gracey, Christine, Queenster, Opoku 
Frimpong, Audrey and Louisa.

Old Student Council

We are very proud of their contributions and suggestions over the past year. These include:
● The lost and found box
● End of nose mask celebration
● Team quizzes
● Spring hat parade
● Talent Show
● Bake sales
● Popcorn sale
● Stop bullying campaign
● Career Day
● Family day
● Spirit Day
● Fashion show from recycled materials
● Red Nose Day - classes dressed in themes
● Sports Day
● Clean Classroom Competition
● Removal of rocks around trees

During the last twelve months, the Student Council raised GHS 1,739. The Student Council chose to keep half of the 
proceeds for future Student Council initiatives and to use half to buy school supplies for a local school.