Student Council Elections 2015

Date: 25 Nov 2015 // By: ISA

Here at ISA, we provide many opportunities for our students to build innumerable skills and our Student Council is a key part of this. Students who have the opportunity to serve learn important leadership skills that stay with them long after their tenure. They learn to multitask, boost their confidence, work in a team, allocate and use resources efficiently and to make a difference.

As is to be expected, our first-ever Student Council elections began with the filing of nominations, a rigorous and competitive political campaign as well as enthusiastic and innovative manifestoes. Candidates presented some creative, well-crafted and convincing arguments in their bid win the audience’s confidence and votes. It was a delight to see some budding politicians at work.

Voting began on Friday, 11th September 2015 after the reading of manifestos at Morning Assembly. The ballot box was used to ensure that the elections were confidential, transparent, free and fair.

After a highly competitive process, our Student Council Members for the 2015/ 2016 academic year are:

Amanda Mularwarman

 Good morning everyone. My name is Amanda and I would love to run for Student Council. I want to be on the Student Council because I have great ideas that I would like to share with you. Some of my ideas are that we can have a family movie night at the end of each term. We could also have a spelling bee or even a talent show. But I can’t promise you a candy shop at school or no homework for the rest of the year. If I served on the Student Council, I wouldn’t just make up my own ideas, I also want to hear your ideas. I want to hear your voice. Don’t be shy and speak your mind and I promise I will listen to you. If you vote for me, I promise that this Student Council will make our school stronger, unique and special.”


Amanda Luthfa Mulawarman

 Eyako Eli Dzantor

“Good morning teachers and students. Four days ago, I had a dream to be part of the Student Council. Walt Disney said and I quote” all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. I am proudly going to present to you reasons why you should elect me to your Student Council. I have creative ideas like crazy hair day where we would style our hair in different designs and colours, sports day, where we would have soccer tournaments, basketball tournaments and t-ball tournaments. I will also listen to all of the teachers’ and students’ ideas and follow up on them. I am also a hard worker, I concentrate on my work in class and I produce appropriate and decent homework. I am a helpful person who will assist anyone who needs a helping hand, from teachers to students. Although there are no major problems in the school, I will take it to my responsibility to enhance any minor errors.    
Eyako Eli Dzantor
 Abena Afari Asiedu


Hello, my name is Abena Afari Asiedu and I want to be in the Student Council because I have great ideas like a Writing Competition etc. If I join the Student Council, I will make this school a great school. ”

Abena Afari Asiedu 
 Selorm Mortoti


“ Ladies and Gentlemen, please vote for me as a member of the Student Council. I will listen to your ideas and I will care and help make the school cleaner, nicer and a better place.”

Serlom Comfort K. E Mortoti 
Agustina Valenzuela  “ Hello, my name is Agustina and I want to be in the Student Council because I want to add new stuff like putting more books in the library and almost everyone likes books. So please vote for me and if you have an idea, just tell me. Thank you.
Augustina L. Valenzuela Portilla 
 Seyram Sika Ako


“ Hello, my name is Seyram Ako. Please vote for me as Student Council member and I will help with activities such as movie night, bake sale, triathlon. I will also help clean the compound.”

Seyram Sika Ako 

The newly elected Student Council was inaugurated on Wednesday, 16th September 2015.

Congratulations to our maiden Student Council !


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