Guiding Statements

Drone for Guiding Statements

We will prepare our students to be compassionate, resilient, versatile and equipped to face the opportunities of the future.


We offer an international education to the diverse children in the Newmont Ghana Ahafo community, by promoting a broad curriculum that shapes our students to be competent, well-rounded young people.


Core Values

  • We embrace diversity
    Children, staff and community members come together from all over the world and all are treated with equal respect.

  • We use team-Work in an atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality
    We recognise that we can only be a strong community if we work together for the benefit of all.

  • We are courageous
    We are not afraid to take risks in our efforts to learn and grow in skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • We demonstrate scholarship
    We always do our best to work hard and celebrate our success.

  • We are caring
    We care for each other and our community and show compassion for the less privileged.

  • We demonstrate responsibility
    We are responsible for the choices we make in all aspects of our lives.

  • We have integrity
    We strive to be honest and maintain strong moral principles.