Meet the Staff parentsThe staff at ISA are experienced, passionate and committed. They appreciate the talents, curiosity and joyfulness of their students and acknowledge that their devotion to the school arises from deep respect and affection for the students. The staff is diverse and students “learn to learn” from a panoply of internationally minded teachers. The school also enjoys a healthy rejuvenation of its teachers and endeavours to provide competitive employment benefits to them.

Parents are a valuable part of the school community. In the past, they have contributed to the life of the school and support a variety of programmes and events. Parents have helped through joining field trips, making costumes for school events, cooking for school events, supporting families and teachers new to ISA, decorating for the Christmas Concert, among others.

The Board of ISA is attuned to the roles and responsibilities of a healthy governing body and is clear about the needs of ISA today and into the future. The Board is made up of the General Manager and Newmont senior managers, including parents, all of whom bring a talented and intelligent commitment to the school.