Student Council Visit to Asempaneye D/A Basic School

Date: 28 Jan 2023 // By: Meg Sutcliffe

This year, our Student Council has held a number of fundraising events. They have decided to donate half of the money raised to a local school and use the rest of the money for Student Councils initiatives at ISA. This week, the Student Council took their donation of school supplies to the Asempaneye D/A Basic School. The Asempaneye school was very pleased to receive the donation and we have no doubt that they will put the supplies to good use. A big thank you to the ISA families who donated additional supplies or money to be given to the school. 

Nana Akosua Asemp

Opoku asemp

The students were given a tour of the campus by the Headmaster and also read books to various classes.  I am sure the students came back to our school with a new appreciation for what is offered at ISA and hopefully, this will motivate them to make sure they give their best and make the most of the opportunities they have.  Meg walk asemp

I believe this gesture also gives our students the chance to engage in the wider world and take an active role in their community to work with others to help make the world a little fairer. We want our students to believe that we can all make a difference. 

asemp classroom

A new Student Council will start after the February break and will be in office until February 2024. 

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