Community Service

The school’s setting has great contrasts. On one hand, there is MKV, a modern community with state-of-the-art facilities, including the school, and on another just outside the gate, there is the authentic Africa with villages, people and experiences very different from the ones the community is used to. This stark reality has necessitated moves for students to acknowledge the diversity of life and develop compassion and the spirit of service. Community service is therefore an integral part of the school philosophy. A commitment to service permeates the ethos of the school. Some of the community service projects which ISA have been involved in include: Phonics workshops for local school teachers, Student Council donation of school supplies to a local school, Science teaching workshop for local school teachers, donations of books and teaching resources to local schools, reading support for local schools, breakfast support for students at the Methodist School, Refurbishment of Children’s Ward of St. Elizabeth Hospital, Girl Talk with the Methodist School.

Community service

Reading Support for Local Schools – The school has started working with the Noble Family School, a private day school. This is in addition to the Student Council’s weekly visits to the Methodist School in Kenyase. Once a week, the Student Council members and our senior students, visit the Noble Family to run Drama lessons and to support their reading needs.

Support for Local Teachers and Schools - The school has also added teacher training workshops to its suite of community service projects for local schools. This exercise is part of efforts to share best practices to ensure maximum impact and sustainability of the support provided to local schools. The first workshop, which was attended by 21 teachers from two local schools, focused on Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills and strategies for dealing with difficult children. The second workshop was on Teaching Phonics (Sounds) for 20 teachers and supervisors from 3 local schools. Additionally, 10 teachers and the Principal of Noble Family School have observed lessons as a form of professional development to improve teaching practices and student performance. These initiatives allow teachers to be a key part of the community service.

Breakfast Support for the Methodist School: The new initiatives with the Methodist School are now targeting more specific areas with the Student Council funds; the school is now financing breakfast for the most disadvantaged students so they do not start the school day hungry. The payments for breakfast are given directly to the Principal of the Methodist School who organizes the purchase and distribution of breakfast at her school. The Student Council has a list of the names and classes of the children receiving the food and the funds are disbursed every four weeks; three payments have already been made.

Refurbishment of Children’s Ward of St. Elizabeth Hospital – As part of efforts to facilitate sick children’s recovery, the Scouts Club is embarking on a project to paint and decorate the Children’s ward and playroom of the St. Elizabeth Hospital and to create a Reading Corner. They have had a bake sale to raise funds and some parents have supported them to paint the ward, install curtains and to send some toys, books and a bookshelf. They hope to continue to work on the Reading Corner as time goes on.

Girl Talk with the Methodist School – There is an initiative dubbed “Girl Talk” at the Methodist School to throw light on reproductive health/ teenage pregnancy and STIs prevention, and menstrual hygiene management issues for teenage girls. The target group for this project is girls between the ages of 11 to 16. The ultimate main aim of this class is to empower girls by giving them autonomy over their bodies, choices, rights, relationships and education. By giving girls an honest sexual education, they are armed with the tools they need for life and sanitary pads for their monthly cycle.